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Quick Solutions for Your Plumbing Issues

As a family-owned and -operated plumbing business, Jeff's Plumbing Inc. understands the value of quick service to keep your home or business running at its best. We’ve been serving customers throughout the greater Sacramento area since 1977. Our experience has allowed us to develop a versatile skill set to address any plumbing situation you might need help with. Instead of trying to perform repairs or installations yourself, let our professional team handle them to ensure your system, fixtures, and appliances work optimally and stay in top condition.


Providing Service for Various Plumbing Needs

Let Jeff's Plumbing Inc. take care of your residential and commercial plumbing needs. We offer a wide assortment of services, including the following:

Bathroom Plumbing

Whether your office has a toilet that won’t flush or the shower at home is collecting a pool of soapy water every time you bathe, your bathroom plumbing is susceptible to slow drains and fixture breakdowns. Our professional team has handled a wide array of issues affecting bathrooms at homes and businesses, and we provide fast service to resolve clogs and other problems.

Kitchen Plumbing

Kitchens in residential and commercial settings have various fixtures, appliances, and drains in place that need professional attention when a clog or malfunction affects its performance. From garbage disposals to dishwashers to faucets, we handle all the essential plumbing features in homes, restaurants, hotels, and many other business environments.

Drain Cleaning

As the remnants of soap, hair, grease, food particles and other materials collect in your drains, they can form clogs that slow or stop the flow of water. Using a store-bought solution to clogs has limited effectiveness and can even damage your pipes. One of our professional plumbers can clean your drain and remove a stubborn clog so that your sink or shower doesn’t back up and create a mess.

Water Softeners

Having a water softener at your home is an excellent way to condition your hard water and enjoy showers and laundry with dry skin and mineral buildup in your clothes. If you need a water softener installed at your residence, let our team take care of it to ensure it works effectively right from the start. We can carefully connect this device to your plumbing system and explain how to care for it.


If your toilet is constantly running or doesn’t completely flush, these are signs of a problem that goes beyond an annoying hiss of water flow. You shouldn’t have to flush multiple times for a typical trip to the bathroom. We can visit your home or business and examine your toilet to determine the exact cause of these issues. After assessing the best solution, we quickly and effectively get your toilet running normally again.

Schedule Service at Your Home or Business

Jeff's Plumbing Inc. is ready to serve your plumbing repair, installation, and emergency needs with prompt service after your call. In most cases we respond within 60 minutes. Contact us today to get a free estimate and quick response to your plumbing needs.

We Respond Within 45 Minutes to Emergency Calls

Guaranteed for Water Breaks, and Other Emergencies