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Build a Plumbing Career in Sacramento

Jeff's Plumbing Inc. has spent years serving households and businesses throughout the Sacramento, CA area. We enjoy our work and the satisfaction it brings to our customers, which comes from our talented team of plumbing professionals. If you’re interested in a plumbing career, we can say with confidence it’s a fantastic way to earn a living and get a sense of fulfillment from your work life. Working in plumbing builds essential knowledge and skills in a service everybody depends on in their daily lives. Our team is full of specialists with experience and insight into the best ways to fix every issue. Bring your expertise to our team and develop your skills while working with driven and friendly professionals like yourself, as well as grateful customers. The rewards of working in the plumbing field go beyond a paycheck. You enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow experts, the security of a profession that’s always in demand, and the regular opportunities to hone your talents and gain new knowledge. If you are interested in applying for any of the positions we have available, we welcome you to contact us to start the process.

Career Opportunities

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Plumber/Service Technician
Plumber Apprentice/Helper

We Respond Within 45 Minutes to Emergency Calls

Guaranteed for Water Breaks, and Other Emergencies